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Swami Dhyan Giten

mitt förord till boken

Working with people - in Being therapy

As a therapist, allow everything to be within you as it is, allow your preconceived ideas and plans for the other person to just be there, without holding on to them or trying to push them away. Then move withyou inner attention to your own heart, and just see what is in your heart, without evaluating or praising what you see or experience. Then move further in your own inner world to the inner being. The inner being is the calm, silent energy, which do not judge, praise or wish anything for yourself or for anybody else. This quality and energy is so accepting and allowing that even the most fearful becomes curious, and dares to have a look to see what feels so different. The inner being is the inner quality without demands, but which is yet slowly moving forward, further on. Moving forward to what?

My greatest experience of becoming aware about how and when I work from the inner being, was after supervision in therapeutic work with Giten. During this supervision I experienced the difference between different qualities and energies, where I am focused and which quality and energy this create in the meeting with a client. During the week after this supervision, in a meeting with a client, we did a practical guidedexercise to practice how long she dared to stay open with her heart when I sent loving energy from the heart to her. Much can be added about the underlying reasons to her fears, and why she needed to practice this to become more aware. But that is not what I mainly want to describe, I want to describe my own experience as a therapist. She first opened her heart. She imagined the heart as a door, where she could hold on to the door-post with one hand, and the door handle with the other hand. Then she slowlyopened the door, more and more, until the arms did not reach further.

Meanwhile she described what she was doing, and how it felt. Then I began to send love to her. It did not take many second before I felt that she became afraid, and I noticed how I suddenly changed energy without really being aware what I did. My focus and my energy moved down to the inner being in the area around the stomach. It became a more silent and calmer energy, which I sent to her. I felt that her fear suddenly disappeared, and that she could stay, open and present. I described to her what happened with me, and she acknowledged that this was exactly how she had experienced it: that she had first become afraid and was about to close down. But then she felt how the threat had changed into a more accepting quality, and she dared to continue to stay open, with her arms stretched out. And even manage to let go of the door handle for a short while.

So what does the clients experience with this sort of therapy? Well, they experience that the changes in their daily life can happen by themselves, without them having to consciously think about how to create changes. Often the changes happen by themselves through insight, understanding and awareness.

The clients homework is also of a more meditative art. For example, to see how open respectively closed the heart is in different situations (read trusting respectively afraid), without will to change how the situation is, and without intention to judge how the situation is. Confirmation on change also often comes from other people, who notice a difference in behavior. The clients themselves also suddenly notice that old patterns and mechanical reactions has disappeared, and has been replaced by more functioning responses to the situation. For me as a therapist, this has given insight into what I do that makes it work so well. Learning to consciously use this, instead of it happening in a mechanical way. It is nothing wrong in that, because it is basically the intuition that handles that it happens by itself. But being able to chose, and doing it in a conscious way, creates a large difference for me.

Being able to use this awareness in a group setting has also been an enormous help. Above all in my course in Mindfulness and in the further course, which is based on Giten's first book in Swedish "Song of Meditation -About Meditation, Relationships and Spiritual Creativity" (Solrosens förlag, 2001). The real therapy is when therapist and client can meet here and now, and together explore fears and secrets.

A big THANK YOU, Giten!

Marie Söderberg psychotherapist, trained in Giten's individual supervision- and education program for practicing therapists and healers. This program is based on the awareness components of therapeutic work in the Psychology of Being outlined in this book.